Services Offered

Real Picture Car

  • Research

    Each scenario is carefully read to better understand the project at hand and the location needed.

    • Determine which vehicle will be used for each character
    • Police cars, emergency vehicles and many more...
    • A satisfied customer is our mission
    • Research of real elements for each town, state, village is necessary for the the next step
  • Preparation

    The vehicles that we find here or somewhere else are presented to the film director. Furthermore, when the modifications are done and the choices are finalized, we take great care in transforming, painting, lettering, and cleaning the vehicle.

  • Modifications

    When the vehicle is modified, either adding to the body of the vehicle, to the mechanincs, or any other change. We ensure that all details and changes will be respected per the director's instructions.

  • Painting

    Our paint team is always aware of new changes in technology and application techniques. Our energetic team is precise, constant and fast. Our team paints elements of the decor, vehicles while keeping the same enthutiasm throughout the project.

  • Mechanics

    A complete inspection of the vehicle is done before and after the shooting. This is done to insure that everything goes well on the shooting location. The mechanic is on set to be able to change or modify a vehicle when needed. For example, having to break quickly, quick starts, or any other stunts. Our mechaninc will assure that the demands from the stunt man are done, and that everything will go smoothly and safely.

  • Transport

    No matter what the vehicle is, all vehicles are transported on a plat form.